He grabbed the shovel and swung. My brother flinched away. The shovel missed its target and the beast bellowed as the weight of the shovel and the missed blow nearly toppled him.
I watched as he ordered my brother to hold still. “DON’T MOVE,” he would yell. But really he was commanding to him to fight his instinct to flee.
My brother took his chances and ran. I let my breath out, never realizing I had been holding it.
My mother often was victim to this psychological torment. What else is a mother’s instinct if not to protect her offspring. Wild animals will fight until their demise to protect their young.
My mother tried to stop it but was told if she interfered he would only do worse.  And so my mother watched. And when she could not bear to see anymore she left us.
With God, she would convince herself.
Nay, it was with the devil himself.

3 thoughts on “Instinct

  1. Ayesha says:

    My dear ! I can only make dua to Allah swt that every pain be matched with 10 times more happiness for ur family in this world and hereafter.

  2. Anonymous says:

    😦 mine didn’t even care to protect us. She was his partner in crime!

  3. anonymous says:

    I have always felt the hate I have inside me for him. He did nothing but hit me and break me into pieces. And he would wait until my mom wasnt home so that I’d have no one to protect me. And I would get beaten up to the extent of asking Allah to take my soul so I dont have to go through this. I became so numb to him because of the way he has always treated me with in comparison to my younger siblings. I was the one who he would take out his anger on. Everything was my fault. Even after I got married, I thought that would change his ways in dealing with me. And now im being verbally abused and put down . I thought family was suppose to be there for their daughter.. this is so frustrating because I feel so stressed I wish I can find a place to go and live alone away from him and his poisoning words. Unfortunately my husband is in a different country at the moment and im so worried about my unborn baby living here in the same house as my dad. Im sorry I read this post and I just was taken back to my childhood..

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