Half full

(c) photo courtesy of collaboration between Deda Photography & SAlborno Photography

We walk through life empty. And we fill ourselves with events and encounters like cups full of water. For a lucky few our cups are full of the good, clear and sparkling. For others, the bad, dark and foul waiting to be diluted. For most our water is gritty and discolored with fragments of debris and love floating side by side. Our cup is our fulfillment. To protect. To revere. To love.

But there are those whose cups remain barren and void of moisture. Some are chipped and crumbling, with all their experiences escaping them. No thought of filling the holes or sealing the cracks as they scramble constantly looking for droplets to replace what they’ve let escape. Some empty the contents out on a regular basis; the good out with the bad. They’re always expecting something more, something better. With no end in sight they wander glass half empty in awe and envy of others brimming lives.


One thought on “Half full

  1. Photo (c) and courtesy of photo collaboration between SAlborno Photography and Deda Photography.

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