Memorial for Unborn Children

Memorial for Unborn Children

Memorial for Unborn Children

[“Memorial for Unborn Children”  or “The Child Who Was Never Born” Sculpture by Martin Hudáček is located in Slovakia and is a statue in memory of babies that died before birth.]

This is one of the most emotion-evoking pieces of art I have seen. Beautifully sad and tragic and terribly encapsulating of the feelings of this type of loss.


There are no words meant for the feeling of loss for someone who existed only to you,

The child you never got to know,

The hand you never got to hold,

The toes you never got to kiss,

The warm embrace you were never able to offer,

The eyes that will never open,

The smile you never got to see,

The first cry you never got to hear,

The protection you couldn’t provide,

The heartbeat that was…then wasn’t,

The daydreams of what could’ve been…but aren’t,

The heartbreak and the heartache,

The unconditional love,

The emptiness.



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