Q: […] are your parents still together? […]

Q: In such a toxic type of environment that you’ve described in your posts…are your parents still together? I know many individuals who stay together for the sake of their children even after the kids have become adults.

A: No, by the Grace of Allah my mother found the courage to leave just recently after spending 34 years in that life. It was never easy and never uncomplicated but she has found peace and tranquility in her life once again.


Q: […] I am curious to know how it all ended and how you got away from it all […]

Question in Full: By all means, you don’t have to answer my question if you do not feel comfortable, but I am curious to know how it all ended and how you got away from it all. I am sure there are many women out there that need help escaping, and any advice might be help for them.  Thank you for being courageous and sharing. You inspire Muslim women like me everywhere.

A: InshaAllah I will be writing about post about this in the very near future. And adding a resource page for those looking for help with their own situations. Alhamdullilah the “end” for me was just the beginning 🙂 ..I hope that this site can bring help or hope to even one person that is suffering in silence.

Q: Doesn’t the Quran say its ok for husbands to hit their wives and who are you to say otherwise?

A: As I am not a scholar and since I could not do this response justice I refer you to this beautiful lecture by Khalid Latif:       http://www.halaltube.com/khalid-latif-real-men-dont-hit-women

And also this Quran Weekly lecture by Omar Suleiman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwKP9Rk–7E